Whole-House Fans – Eco Breeze the Humidity Solution

Whole-House Fans

Whole-house fans were mainly popularized in the United States through the 1950s-60s as an inexpensive method to cool homes.  A whole house fan uses fresh air ventilation cooling which is simple and much lower in cost than air conditioning cooling.  The fan cools the house by drawing cool outdoor air inside through open windows and exhausting hot indoor air through the attic to the outside.   As the outdoor temperature drops in the evening, the windows are opened and the fan is turned on.  In the morning the process is reversed.  The fan is turned off and the windows are closed, trapping cool air in the home and sealing out the hot day time air.  Since the 1950’s, whole-house fans have been improved with insulated vent doors, quieter fans and motors, and remote controls but the fundamental manual cooling process of opening and closing of windows remains unchanged.

Eco Breeze – The Paradigm shift

Eco Breeze provides the same low cost fresh air ventilation cooling in a completely different way.   The result is reduced fan noise, convenient operation, lower installation cost, and improved comfort.

Monitors outside temperature and humidity – No more humid air

High humidity makes us uncomfortable and makes air conditioners work harder to remove moisture.  Eco Breeze monitors outdoor humidity and only provides fresh air cooling when the outside air is dry and cool.

Individual room cooling – Quiet operation

Eco Breeze is designed to cool individual rooms rather than the whole-house.  This produces the same air tangential fanchanges as a whole house fan yet requires a fraction of the air flow.  The lower air flow and the use of tangential blowers makes the unit significantly quieter than a whole-house fan. The fan power is also a fraction of a whole house fan resulting in energy savings even when multiple fans are installed in a home.

Simple Installation – No holes to the attic – No Installation cost

The Eco Breeze installation is simple and can be done in minutes.  It installs in a window and does not require cutting holes to access an attic, the addition of attic ventilation openings or the addition of electrical wiring.

Automated Operation – No windows to open and close

Eco Breeze exhausts the hot air to the outdoors and also brings the cool air into a room.  The louvers automatically open to provide cooling and automatically close to seal the cool air inside ending the daily routine of opening and closing windows.

Seamless integration with air conditioning – No need to turn off the air conditioner

Eco Breeze monitors the indoor temperature and humidity and will only bring in the outside air if it is lower in temperature and humidity.  The air conditioner thermostat will sense the cooler air and keep the air conditioner off.

Optimum use of Fresh Air Cooling – No more guessing

Eco Breeze has a dynamic temperature and humidity sensing system that automatically uses outside fresh air for cooling any time that it is available.   In midsummer fresh air cooling may be available for a few hours a day in the late night and early morning in even the hottest regions.   Eco Breeze will automatically save money even when you are sleeping.  In the other seasons, Eco Breeze can operate mornings, evenings, and nights, and sometimes sizeable parts of the daytime.

Rain Guard System – No wet floors

Eco Breeze has a unique rain guard to prevent rain from blowing into your room even when it is operating. This completely eliminates the hassle of closing windows during rain storms.