About Us

We grew up in the northeast before the “miracle” of air conditioning reached New York.  At night we opened the windows, put in the fans and in the morning we reversed the process. Some nights it was warm when we went to bed but by morning it was always comfortable.   It was just what everyone did in the summer.

Now we live in the age of air conditioning, where almost 90% of our homes have adopted A/C as the preferred way to keep us cool; although some people still use window fans, most people just seal up the house,  turn on the air conditioner and wait for fall. It’s so convenient that most of us could not imagine living without it, but most people have no idea how expensive air conditioning really is or how bad it is for the environment.  In the United States it’s the #1 category of residential electricity consumption. And it’s also the #1 source of residential green house gases generating over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere every year.    

In 2010 we started on a journey to find more affordable and more environmentally friendly way to keep our homes cool, while maintaining the convenience we are all so used to.   We quickly found that we could not totally eliminate air conditioning; it’s still needed for the hot, humid weather in many parts of the country. We decided to investigate the potential of going back in time and use nature’s cool air.  What we found is that in every part of North America we could take advantage of the seasonal and daily temperature variations to dramatically reduce the need for air conditioning.

Our solution is a unit that is easily installed in windows, seals up so it can be left there for the cooling season, and is smart enough to let cool, filtered outdoor air in when it makes sense and automatically switches to air conditioning during hot, humid weather.  

Using nature’s free cool air is the ultimate sustainable solution that can reduce the need for air conditioning from 30% in the southeast to 90% in the mild climates.  Plus it’s good for you. Fresh air not only feels good but is also good for your health! We hope you will adopt nature’s cooling to reduce your utility bill and help reduce global warming.  

George and Jim Wiese

Two Brothers changing summer cooling!

Our MissionTo decrease the financial burden and environmental impact of air conditioning by utilizing cool, outdoor air every minute it is available.

George Wiese – After spending time  in engineering, marketing and finance, George is a Jack of all Trades. At Nature’s Cooling Solutions spends most of his time with Test Engineering and Operations. When he is not working on cool things he enjoys running, hiking and trying to grow vegetables in the desert.

Jim Wiese – Jim has loved to tinker and build things since his childhood when his focus was on treehouses and erector sets. After 30 years working with air conditioning and heating manufacturers his passion is on finding innovative ways to improve summer cooling. Most of his time is focused product development and addressing the challenges of manufacturing products in the United States. An engineer by background he has been awarded three patents for his innovations in ventilation cooling. He loves to solve difficult problems and spends his spare time hiking, biking, rowing, mountain climbing and just enjoying the outdoors….and with his grandkids.