How It Works

Saving with Fresh Air Cooling & AC

With Eco Breeze &  air conditioning,  AC runs only during the peak period of the day.  As soon as the outside temperature cools below the inside temperature, Eco Breeze automatically starts pulling in fresh outside air. Using two set points, 80° for Air Conditioning and 70° for fresh air cooling an additional benefit is gained by reducing the heat load stored in the home structure and contents. Not only does this extend the fresh air cooling cycle, it also reduces the indoor temperature below the 80° for a significant portion of the day improving your comfort. Eco Breeze uses 92% less energy than air conditioning.

Saving with Natural Fresh Air Cooling

Operating only Eco Breeze will maximize use of fresh outside air to cool your home. As soon as it is cooler outside than inside (and less humid) Eco Breeze will automatically open its louvers and turn on the fans, running  until the room is cooled to your set point. Eco Breeze features will prevent your room from over cooling and seal out hot air in the middle of the day.



Air Conditioning Only

This graph shows typical Air Conditioner operation with the thermostat set at 80°F. It will provide cooling as required for 24 hours a day. The cooling load will peak at mid day and decline at night as the sun sets.  The other heat sources, such as people, appliances, lighting, and residual heat load stored in the walls and roof from the sun will still require the Air Conditioned to operate even as the outdoor temperature drops below the 80° set point.