Eco Breeze Overview

Eco Breeze Energy Efficiency and Savings

How much can I save on my air conditioning bills with Eco Breeze?

The energy savings from Eco Breeze vary depending on geographic location, personal operating preferences and the home construction characteristics. The Eco Breeze uses 90% less electricity than AC, so the more frequently it is in operation and the greater the number of rooms it cool, the greater the savings. Setting Eco Breeze to cool lower than AC will further reduce AC operating time.

Where do you live?

The chart below shows the average savings for different areas of the United States. Even in the hottest climates , Eco Breeze provides significant savings from operation in spring, fall, and sometimes even winter.

Savings on Air Conditioning Bills with Eco Breeze

map of cooling savings by region

  • Eliminate A/C Bills: Region 7
  • Up to 90% Savings in A/C Bills: Region 1
  • Up to 70% Savings in A/C Bills: Region 2
  • Up to 50% Savings in A/C Bills: Regions 3, 4, 5
  • Up to 30% Savings in A/C Bills: Region 6

How will you operate your cooling system?

One of the key ways to save energy is to shift normal air conditioning cooling to fresh air ventilation cooling. Eco Breeze reduces or eliminates the need for air conditioning by ventilating homes with cool night air which would cool not only the air but also the floors, walls, and other building mass. This cooled mass then absorbs heat during the day, keeping occupants comfortable and dramatically reducing the need for air conditioning on all but the hottest days of summer.  The key operating parameters are the thermostat setting for the air conditioner, the minimum indoor temperature setting for Eco Breeze, and the percentage of the home that is precooled by Eco Breeze. The following chart shows the cost per hour of run time for various systems.

savings table

Operating Parameters

One of the key factors affecting savings is the difference between the air conditioning thermostat setting and Eco Breeze’s set point.  A higher air conditioning room thermostat setting will reduce the amount of energy required for cooling by reducing when the air conditioner is needed.  If the room thermostat is set at 78o to 80o the savings will be more than if the setting is at a lower temperature.  The Eco Breeze has a minimum indoor temperature setting which prevents rooms from overcooling on cold nights.  In the auto mode, Eco Breeze will turn on and provide fresh air cooling when the indoor temperature is above this set point and the outdoor conditions are right for fresh air cooling ( the outdoor temperature and humidity are lower than the room conditions).  The savings will increase as the Eco Breeze set point is reduced.  The greater the difference between the thermostat and set point. the more heat the building mass will be able to absorb during the day. Studies have shown that this will reduce peak power demand charges as well as overall energy use.

Number of units

One of the advantages of Eco Breeze is that it allows for individual room cooling and avoids the need to cool the entire house.   Substantial savings can be achieved from the installation of one unit in a high use area.  Higher savings can be achieved with the addition of more units.  Individual preference and the home use pattern and will determine the right number of units for each situation. Generally one unit installed in the family/kitchen area and one unit in the bedroom area will provide increased comfort and optimum energy savings.