Installation Requirements

Eco Breeze is Eco Easy

Installation Requirements

  • Requires Double Hung Window 22 to 36 inches widewindow economizer
  • Eco Breeze dimensions Width 21.5 in Height 11 in Depth 8 in, Weight 20 lbs

Easy to install

  • Installs in double hung windows (see picture)
  • Install custom wing panels to fit window width
  • Install two tabs one for the  window and one for leveling (if needed)
  • Close the window and the unit is ready to operatefresh air cooling
  • Installs for the season
Easy to operate
  • Turn the power on.
  • Set your desired minimum room temperature.
  • The fan automatically turns on opening the louvers when the outside air is cooler (and less humid) than the room air and the room. temperature rises above the minimum temperature set point.
  • When the room cools to the minimum set point the fan will automatically stop and the louvers will close, sealing out the warm outside air.
  • When the outside temperature rises (mornings) above the indoor temperature the fans will automatically shut down and the louvers will close sealing out the warm outside air
  • When the temperature rises above the air conditioner set point the home air conditioning unit will provide cooling. This will continue until the outdoor temperature drops below the room temperature and Eco Breeze will provide fresh air cooling.

Sit back and enjoy!eco breeze banner