Feature Benefit
Adjustable Temperature Setting Automatically set the minimum room temperature to prevent over-cooling
Dual Tangential Fans Creates a circular air flow, bringing fresh air into the room and drawing out hot air from the room’s ceiling, exhausting it outdoors
Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensors Programmed to measure both indoor and outdoor temperature and only operate Eco Breeze when outside temperature is cooler than inside
Indoor/Outdoor Humidity Sensors Measures both outdoor and indoor humidity, Eco Breeze is programmed automatically to avoid bringing humid air into the room, providing seamless operation with air conditioning units
Rain Guard Patent pending design keeps rain outside and even allows Eco Breeze operation during stormy weather, unlike open window which must be shut during storms. This allows for fresh air ventilation even during the worst weather. The unit can be installed for the summer season with no need to remove it during stormy weather.
Louvers The louvers automatically open & close to minimize air leakage, keeping cool air in and hot air out when not operating
Low Profile Only 11 inches high, minimize lost view
3 Speed Motor Automatically adjusts motor speed to maximize cooling benefit
Manual Setting Allows independent operation of the fans
Adjustable Wing Panels Accommodates installation in windows from 22 to 36 inches wide