Changing How You Heat and Cool your Home – One Window at a Time. 

Healthy Clean Outdoor Air!

Save Money on Cooling Bills!

Lower your Carbon Footprint!

Nature’s Cooling Solutions presents the EcoBreeze 2.2, the only smart window fan that constantly monitors and adapts to indoor and outdoor conditions.

Cleans the Incoming Air

EcoBreeze 2.2 removes pollen, dust and mold so you can breathe easy.  An optional high efficiency filter removes smoke, smog and virus for areas with higher levels of outdoor air pollution

Works With Your Air Conditioning to Save Energy

The EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan uses 97% less energy than an air conditioning unit, resulting in dramatically reduced cooling costs for homeowners with environmentally friendly levels of energy consumption.

Changing the Way We Cool, One Window at a Time

Nature’s Cooling Solutions works to provide cooling options that help you decrease the financial burden and environmental impact of air conditioning by using cool outdoor air every minute it’s available.

Our Advanced Cooling Technologies

Mother Nature provides the cool air—we offer the tools! Our EcoBreeze smart window fans and room air conditioner (AC) insulating side panels help keep cool air inside where it belongs.

Get the Latest in Smart Window Fan Technology and Save!

The EcoBreeze 2.2 works alongside your air conditioning unit, reducing its daily runtime with a variable speed fan that uses only the minimum amount of required energy. This smart window fan solution keeps your home cool and comfortable while keeping your costs down!

Featured Stories

Nature’s Cooling Solutions: The Beginnings

George and Jim Wiese grew up in the northeast, sleeping with the windows open and fans on in the summer. In 2010, they began a journey to find more affordable and environmentally friendly cooling options—and using nature’s free cool air fit the bill. Now, with Nature’s Cooling Solutions, the Wiese brothers hope to help you reduce your bills, take care of the environment, and enjoy fresh cool air!