EcoBreeze 2.1 The Smart Window Fan

  • SMART COOLING – Set the desired temperature. Auto mode maximizes the use of cool outside air and brings it in whenever it is available and needed. All summer long
  • CLEANS THE INCOMING AIR – Filters out pollen, mold and dust to keep indoor air fresh and clean
  • WORKS WHEN AC IS ON – No need to turn off the AC and open windows –.The smart controls insure that the outdoor air is always cooler than the indoor air before it turns on.
  • VARIABLE SPEED – Fan speed automatically adjusts to provide just the right amount of cooling
  • SEALS UP – insulated side panels, weather strip and damper doors make sure the hot air stays outside. Designed to keep rain outside eliminating moisture issues.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Installs in minutes
  • STREAMS AIR – Adjustable louvers direct the air where it is needed up to 20’ from the window
  • LOCKS OUT THE HUMIDITY – When AC is running optional lock out prevents cooling with high humidity air
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Uses about the same power as an LED light bulb: 70% less than traditional window fans
  • GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – Take advantage of cool seasonal and night time temperatures and save energy on summer air conditioning


EcoBreeze 2.1 The Smart Window Fan

EcoBreeze 2.1 Installation

EcoBreeze 2.1, The Natural Cooling Alternative To Air Conditioning

Game-Changing Air Conditioning Alternative That's Desperately Needed as We Come out of the Warmest Decade in History. Natural cooling has been around forever, but now it can be automatic, affordable and easy to install.

  • Air conditioning is an energy hog that consumes 17% of residential electricity and costs US consumers 28 billion dollars every year. Plus it generates 100 million tons of CO2 every year.
  • The refrigerant we use is really bad for the environment. Refrigerant R410A has a GWP of over 2000 (2000 times worse than carbon dioxide). There are no good alternatives.
  • It’s really expensive to replace when it wears out -2,500 to 7,500 dollars

Using outside air (fresh air cooling) when it is cooler outside than inside is used in 90% of commercial buildings north of Miami.



Use cool evening temperatures to provide a morning cool down. Reduce the need for AC during the day. EcoBreeze 2.1 continually measures inside and outside temperature and humidity, compares them and when appropriate turns on EcoBreeze 2.1 to bringing the cooler outside air. Set your EcoBreeze 2.1 temperature below your air conditioning (AC) temperature and the controls automatically cool when the outdoor temperature drops, and cooling is needed. When using both outdoor air and AC choose to lock out humid air. EcoBreeze 2.1 tracks your cumulative fresh air cooling hours. It’s a great way to evaluate it’s benefit in your climate zone.


Outside air is 2 to 5 times less polluted than inside air – but it can be filled with dust and pollen, EcoBreeze 2.1 has a convenient pull out filter that traps pollutants. It comes standard with a MERV 8 filter that removes pollen, dust mites and mold spore.

The high efficiency optional MERV 13 eliminates viruses, bacteria, smog and smoke. Available on Amazon.

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When it is cooler outside and indoor temperature is above your set point the Smart Fan automatically brings in cool outside air to lower the room temperature. When the outdoor air is too hot or humid EcoBreeze 2.1 seals up to keep the hot and humid air outside. As the indoor temperature rises the AC will turn on and cool the room down to its temperature setting. Increase the difference between set points to increase the savings.


EcoBreeze 2.1 is designed to maximize your cooling while minimizing your electricity use. The fan is programmed to run on the minimum speed to meet the cooling need based on the temperature set point and outdoor temperature. In a typical night it starts on low speed, gradually increases the speed as the temperature drops and then gradually decreases the speed as it nears the set point. This maximizes energy savings and maximizes running on low quiet speeds.


Installs in minutes all you need is a screwdriver and sissors. Included weather strips and insulated side panels seal EcoBreeze 2.1 in your window. Intake and exhaust damper doors makes sure the hot outdoor air stays outside. Installation insulation exceeds Energy Star requirement Room Air Conditioners Specification Version 4.0. For windows wider 36 inches extenders are available on Amazon.


Continuously compares indoor and outdoor humidity to avoid cooling with humid outdoor air when the AC is on. Humidity lockout can be turned off in dry climates. The air intake is designed so the unit can cool even during rainy weather.


Fresh air cooling is 97% lower cost than AC. An energy efficient dc motor uses 7 watts of power on low and averages under 20 watts in the auto cooling mode, 70% less energy than traditional window fans. EcoBreeze 2.1 uses 97% less energy than an AC unit, drastically reducing cooing cost. With EcoBreeze 2.1 installed for the cooling season it will cool every time the outdoor temperature drops. Savings total varies by climate zone, how you operate the unit and the electricity rate The average savings for a 250 sq room is about 50 dollaars per year or almost a 20% return on your investment.

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While our planet is warming, using and producing air conditioning equipment exacerbates climate change. The HFC refrigerants we use have a global warming impact(GWP) of 2000 times more than carbon dioxide. The energy used to run ac comes from power plants, including coal fire plants that also contribute to global warming. One of the less known issues is that the heat produced to cool our homes is exhausted into the outside air, which adds to the temperature rise in our cities. While AC is needed for hot humid days, substituting natural sustainable cooling whenever it is available is an action, we can all take to help reduce global warming.


WINDOW SIZE – fits window opening that measures from 20” to 35”. Optional 6” extender accessory available

WINDOW SCREEN - must be removed for air intake

DIMENSIONS - Length: 15.75” Width: 13.5” Height: 9.75” Window Opening: 7” Weight: 13 lbs

FILTER OPTIONS - MERV 8 (standard): Pollen, Mold & Dust; MERV 13: Pollen, Mold, Dust, Smoke, Smog, Bacteria & Viruses

OPERATION - AUTO automatically adjusts speed to optimize energy; MANUAL:5 speeds

HUMIDITY LOCK OUT - Prevents operation during humid outdoor conditions

TEMPERATURE SCALE - Fahrenheit or Centigrade

DISPLAY LIGHT - Dimmable: Low, Medium, High

CORD LENGTH – 5 feet