EcoBreeze 2.2


The EcoBreeze 2.2

Nature’s Cooling Solutions’ EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan uses advanced technology to constantly monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures. When the outdoor air is cool, the EcoBreeze 2.2 brings cooler air inside to relieve your air conditioning unit and bring down the temperature in your home with free cooler air. Though your AC unit still may be needed on hot, humid days, pairing it with the EcoBreeze smart window fan helps drastically reduce cooling costs by using 97% less energy than traditional air conditioning units.

Enhance the Comfort of Your Home

With a variable speed fan, the EcoBreeze 2.1 continually adjusts to keep your home at your desired temperature. It uses the minimum amount of energy, turning on only when cooler air is available to bring inside, and filters out allergens and pollutants as it works. Check out the process by watching the video!

MERV 8 filter after 1 year in NYC
Fresh Filtered Healthy Air

Replace the stale air in your home with fresh outdoor air. EcoBreeze 2.2 has a convenient pull out filter that traps pollutants. It filters out pollen, dust and other pollutants to cool with healthy clean air. An optional high efficiency filter (MERV 13) also eliminates viruses, bacteria, smog and smoke. Available on Amazon. Get clean outdoor air and avoid the high cost of air cleaner filters.

Your Smart Cooling solution

Simply set a desired temperature and let the EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan do the rest! The fan continually measures inside and outside temperatures, compares them, and turns on to maximizes the use of cool outside air only when it’s necessary.

Works With Your AC

There’s no need to turn off your air conditioning unit and open the windows—the EcoBreeze 2.2’s smart control works in tandem with it and adapts to cool to your desired temperature

More Features

Take advantage of cool evening temperatures to save energy during seasons that require longer air conditioning run times. With the EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan, you’ll keep hot and humid air out and bring cool, refreshing air in!

High Energy Efficiency

Using the same amount of power as an LED lightbulb, the EcoBreeze 2.2 also uses 70% less energy than traditional window fans and 97% less energy than traditional air conditioning units..

Installs With Ease

Get your EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan up and running easily with only a screwdrivers and a pair of scissors!

Locks Out Humidity

Use the EcoBreeze 2.2’s lock out feature to prevent cooling with high humidity air. Insulated side panels, weather strips and damper doors also keep hot air and moisture outside.

Cool With a Variable Speed Fan

As an automatic window fan, the EcoBreeze 2.2 uses a variable speed fan to respond to your cooling needs, never using more energy than is necessary.

EcoBreeze 2.2 Smart Window Fan vs. the Original EcoBreeze

With an enhanced automatic cooling mode, air directional louvers and insulated side panels, the EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan is proudly made in the USA. It boasts a new dimmable display panel, works with both double-hung and slider windows, and uses a variable speed fan to save energy and adjust to your home’s cooling needs. See more ways it compares to the original EcoBreeze here!

Cooling Power High Medium
Fan Height 7 inches 11 inches
Works With Double Hung Window Yes Yes
Works With Slider Window Yes No
Filter: MERV 8 for Pollen & Dust Standard No
Filter: Micro-Allergen MERV 13 Optional No
Average Energy Watts 20 61
Room Size 300 sq. ft. 250 sq. ft.
Low Speed Energy Watts 7 56
Air Directional Louvers Horizontal and Vertical None
Insulated Side Panels Yes No
Exhaust Barometric Relief Fan
Automatic Cooling Mode Yes/Enhanced Yes
Humidity Limit Yes (on or off) Yes (on only)
Dimmable Display Yes No
Seal When Not Running Spring Return Butterfly Motorized Louvers
Motor Type Variable Speed 3 Speed
Fan Type Metal Centrifugal Fan Plastic Tangenitial Fan
Remove Screen to Install Yes No
Made In USA China
Window Type Double Hung and Slider Double Hung

Take Advantage of Nature’s Cooler Outdoor Air

Ready to save on cooling costs? With the EcoBreeze 2.2 smart window fan, optimize how you use traditional air conditioning by taking advantage of nature’s free cool air. Get the only smart window fan that adapts to indoor and outdoor air temperatures to create a comfortable environment.

Technical Specifications

Intentionally designed to save energy, lock out humidity, and install easily, Nature’s Cooling Solutions’ EcoBreeze 2.2 can help you use nature’s cool air as a cooling solution throughout the year. Check out the details!

Window Size
Fits windows 20-24” with one extender.  Fits windows 24-35” with two extenders.  Fits windows larger than 35” by adding optional 6” accessory extender(s).
Window ScreenMust be removed for air intake.
Product Dimensions15.75″ x 13.5″ x 9.75″
Room SizeCools rooms up to 300 square feet.
Window Opening Size7″
Product Weight13 lbs.
Cord Length5 ft.
Filter OptionsMERV 8 (standard): Pollen, Mold & Dust; MERV 13: Pollen, Mold, Dust, Smoke, Smog, Bacteria & Viruses
OperationAutomatic window fan mode automatically adjusts speed to optimize energy; Manual mode includes 5 speeds
Humidity LockoutPrevents operation during humid outdoor conditions
Temperature ScaleFahrenheit or Centigrade
Display LightDimmable: Low, Medium, High
Manufacturing LocationBatesville, MS

Manuals & Guides

Take a deeper dive into the EcoBreeze 2.2. Here, you’ll find our user’s manual for in-depth operating instructions and a guide for quick, easy installation.

EcoBreeze 2.2 User’s Manual and Installation Guide

How to Install Nature’s Cooling Solutions’ EcoBreeze 2.2

Watch to see how easy it is to install the EcoBreeze 2.1 smart window fan. All you need is a screwdriver and a pair of scissors!