Problem Room? It’s No Problem With Eco Breeze

Do you have a “problem room”?

Have a “problem room” or garage that’s always hotter than you want? Problem rooms can have many causes, but Eco Breeze can help! Eco Breeze fits easily in the bottom of a window and can be set to automatically cool whenever temperature and humidity outside are lower than inside. With daily temperature swings of 20 degrees, fresh air cooling is available on all but the hottest days and it’s free!  Eco Breeze automates fresh air cooling, eliminating the guesswork associated with turning air conditioners on and off and the daily task of manually closing and opening windows. Operating Eco Breeze will maximize use of fresh outside air to cool your home.  Eco Breeze will automatically open its louvers and turn on the fans, running until the room is cooled to your set point. Eco Breeze features will prevent your room from over-cooling and seal out hot air in the middle of the day. Eco Breeze is easy to install, simple to use, secure, and eco-friendly.