Eco Breeze FAQs

Why should I buy Eco Breeze? Eco Breeze will save you money and increase your comfort using fresh outside air to cool your home! People have used ventilation to improve summer comfort for centuries.   Over the last 50 years air conditioning has become a standard feature in most homes eliminating the need to open windows.  Only recently have we become aware of the energy and environmental impact of continually running air conditioners.  Eco Breeze is a new ventilation product, incorporating new and existing technology to make it easy and convenient for you to cool your home with free fresh healthy outside air.  In general, there is a 15 to 30°F daily temperature swing, providing free fresh air for cooling. The switch over from fresh air cooling to air conditioning is automatic and optimized based on both the home cooling requirements and the outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.

What is Eco Breeze? Eco Breeze is a new cooling alternative. It automates fresh air cooling eliminating the guesswork associated with turning air conditioners on and off and the daily task of manually closing and opening windows.  Eco Breeze has a dynamic control system that continuously senses indoor and outdoor conditions, and when the outdoor temperature and humidity are lower than inside the home, the louvers open, the fans turn on and nature’s free cool outside air is exchanged for hot inside air.  Follow the easy self-installation instructions, turn it on and it does the rest, taking the hassle out of naturally cooling your home.  And with its patent pending rain guard design, it even operates during stormy weather.

Does Eco Breeze save me money? YES! Eco Breeze uses 92% less electricity than AC. If you use Eco Breeze to eliminate your AC, you get the entire savings. If you use Eco Breeze to compliment your AC, your savings will be up to 90% in temperate climates, and even 30% in the hottest climates. When the outside air is cooler, Eco Breeze will save you considerable dollars to cool your house.  Also, Eco Breeze will decrease AC run time and delay costly repairs and replacements. When running Eco Breeze without air conditioning, Eco Breeze will maximize the cool free outside, taking the guess work from manually turning fans on and off and manually opening and closing windows. Eco Breeze will automatically turn off when your cooling set point is reached, preventing over cooling and excess operation.

Can I use my Eco Breeze with air conditioning? YES! Eco Breeze is designed to work with an air conditioner. When running in automatic mode it is programmed to only run when it is cooler and less humid outside so it will always provide cooling when operating.   You can set your air conditioner at the highest temperature you want in your room and set Eco Breeze at a lower temperature.  Eco Breeze will pull in cool fresh outside air when available, cooling the room below the air conditioning set point for additional comfort. This will also cool the inside structure and contents (internal mass) of the home, further reducing the need for day time air conditioning.

Why is it important for me to bring fresh air into my home? Reports are surfacing about the dangers of our homes’ tight construction and the toxins that are captured in the home. Contrary to conventional wisdom, air in our homes’ is now 2 to 5 times more toxic than outside air, even in cities. Click here for Sanja Gupta’s CNN report on the dangers of toxic indoor air. Bringing fresh air into your home flushes toxins outside, increasing air quality.

How much can I expect to save with Eco Breeze? The savings depend strongly on how Eco Breeze is operated and where it is located so individual results will vary.  Studies have shown that savings will vary from 35% to 90% for the installed space.1 Government studies show that consumers in United States spend over $15 billion for residential air conditioning per year so the environmental savings potential is dramatic.2

Where should I install Eco Breeze? Eco Breeze can be installed in any double hung (or single hung) window that is a minimum of 22 and maximum of 36 inches wide. If a window is in the shade or on the north side the outside temperatures will be lower.   It is recommended that the unit be installed in bedrooms to benefit from the lower night time temperatures and in the family gathering rooms to maximize occupant comfort and savings.

When should I install my Eco Breeze? Install Eco Breeze when temperatures start warming up (typically early spring) leave it in the window until temperatures cool down (typically late fall). If set on automatic Eco Breeze will operate on cool days and during the evening and early morning hours on warm days, even in midsummer.

How is Eco Breeze different from other cooling alternatives? Eco Breeze is a fresh air cooling system designed to automatically cool your room. Eco Breeze has two tangential fans, one blowing cool outdoor air into your room, the other on top exhausting hot air from the ceiling, creating a circular air flow. Eco Breeze has indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity sensors, and is programmed to turn on only when the outdoors is cooler and less humid than the room. Eco Breeze will automatically turn off when your room is cooled to your set point to prevent over-cooling. When Eco Breeze is not operating, louvers automatically close to minimize air leaking into your room.

Who installs Eco Breeze? You, the consumer. Unlike complicated whole house fans, Eco Breeze is a breeze to install, and is intended to be installed by the homeowner. Follow the easy self-installation instructions, turn it on and it does the rest, taking the hassle out of naturally cooling your home. It installs in double hung windows (or single hung) between 22 and 36 inches wide.

How large a room can be cooled with one Eco Breeze? Eco Breeze is generally effective in cooling spaces up to 200 to 300 square feet depending insulation and other factors.   Rooms larger than 300 square feet may require an additional unit.

What is the difference between Eco Breeze and an Economizer? Eco Breeze is a window installed residential economizer. An economizer is a mechanical device used to reduce energy consumption. Economizers recycle energy produced within a system or leverage environmental temperature differences to achieve efficiency improvements. NYSERDA calls it “free cooling”. The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC) requires cooling systems in commercial buildings to have economizers, depending on climate zone and cooling system capacity.  Many states also have requirements for economizers in commercial buildings. Now from Nature’s Cooling Solutions the same technology is available for your home.

How can I maximize cooling with Eco Breeze? Use Eco Breeze in automatic mode. Eco Breeze will automatically operate when it is cooler (and less humid) outside than inside of your home.   If you are using Eco Breeze with an air conditioner you can take advantage of two set points:  one for air conditioning and one for the Eco Breeze ventilation cooling.  The larger the difference between the two set point the greater the savings.  A lower Eco Breeze set point will cool the inside air and the inside structure and contents (interior mass) of the home, decreasing the amount of air conditioning that will be needed.

How long will it take for my room to cool down? There are many variables that impact the cooling effect.  The size of your room, ceiling height, direction its facing, amount of windows, and time of day are all different factors that need to be taken into account.  Every home/room is different.  The greatest cooling benefit will occur when temperatures are cooler outside.  The larger the difference in temperature, the faster your room will cool down.

Will the Eco Breeze operate in rain? Eco Breeze has a unique rain guard to prevent rain from blowing into your room even when it is operating. This completely eliminates the hassle of closing windows during rain storms.

Can I leave Eco Breeze installed for the warm season? Yes, Eco Breeze is designed to stay in your window. Its programming will operate Eco Breeze automatically to maximize cooling.   The louvers will close when the unit is not operating, minimizing air leakage.

1.        California Institute for Energy Efficiency Study

2.       EIA DOE household electricity report.