Insulated Side Panels

  • Easy to install – Insert in existing side panel frames to replace accordion panels. Cut to size with scissors and start saving energy. Semi rigid panel will not break and stays snuggly in place without the need for self-stick side channels
  • Waterproof – Side panels are closed cell foam that will not absorb water and keeps stormy weather outside. Eliminates the mold issue common with open cell sponge like foam.
  •  Closed cell foam with superior insulation properties that will reduce energy loss and decrease noise. 1/2" thick R 1.2; 3/4" thick R 1.8.
  • Off white color blends with most AC’s; Uniform look provides improved aesthetics; UV protection reduces sun damage.
  • Made of semi-rigid closed cell foam and have superior insulation properties that will reduce energy loss
  • Recommended by National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Far Exceeds the ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioner V 4.0 Installation Criteria effective October 26, 2015

Keep your cool air inside where it belongs! The Urban Green Council completed a study of room air conditioner installations in 2011 for New York City and was surprised by the results. The study found that the average room air conditioner has air leaks equivalent to a six square inch hole. It concluded that solving the room air conditioner leak problem could lower New York City’s energy costs by$130-$180 million every year. The problem is nationwide and is the result of a lack of focus on better installation solutions. Typical accordion style side panels are very thin and have minimal insulation. Nature’s Cooling Solutions’ Kit insulating kit includes insulated panels that are made of  closed cell foam. Meets Energy Star Room Air Conditioner V 4.0 installation criteria. Better than old style side panel kits that are made of open cell foam which absorbs water and can be susceptible to mold.