What is Fresh Air Cooling

We all get asked “So what do you do for a living?” When I reply “Fresh Air Cooling” I am usually met with a blank stare, so I ask “Let’s say it’s 95 degrees out, is your air conditioner on?”

Economizer fresh air cooling“Yes, of course.”

“When it cools off to 65 at night, do you turn your air conditioner off?”

“Well I guess not.”

“What’s your thermostat set at?”


“Does your air conditioner run during the night?”

A little hesitation then a “yes” response.

“So you’re paying to run your air conditioner when it’s colder outside than inside your house?”

A longer hesitation then “you’re right, I hadn’t thought of it that way before”

“Why?” Here is where the answers vary:

Too much work to open and close windows

It does not cool off until after I’ve gone to bed

I don’t know whether it will make my AC work harder.

The bottom line is it is inconvenient. Then they regret it when they open their electric bill.

Air conditioners are the largest use of electricity in homes at 22% of total consumption, 50% higher than lighting, the next largest category. So how much energy do our home air conditioners use?

  • 1.11 Quadrillion BTUs
  • 326 Billion Kilowatt hours
  • 32.6 billion dollars
  • 8.8 billion gallons of gasoline
  • 93 coal power plants

Our goal at Nature’s Cooling Solutions is reduce air conditioning bills. To have every home in the USA take advantage of cool nighttime temperatures. Estimated energy savings range from 10 to 50%.  For every one percent decrease residential air conditioning use we can eliminate one coal power plant. At Nature’s Cooling Solutions we focus on getting you to use “fresh air cooling” or “free cooling” whenever weather conditions are favorable. As people see the potential, they start listing criteria the product will need:

  • Sensors that continually monitor temperature and humidity inside and outside
  • When temperature and humidity are lower outside, the louvers open, cooling starts, automatically.
  • When fresh air cooling is not needed the louvers close and seal out the outdoor air
  • Use Fresh Air Cooling to cool below air conditioning to save more money
  • No need to open and close windows
  • Operate in the rain
  • Provides a room solution
  • Looks attractive
  • Installs in a window
  • Simple to install

Once we figured out what it needed to do, Eco Breeze was created. Mother Nature provides the free fresh cool air, we provide the technology.

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