Fresh Air Cooling

That cool crisp outside fresh air inside your home in the morning? Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. Waking up to that ‘ahhh’ cool air is a wonderful way to the start the day and you don’t have get up to open and close windows when you should be sleeping. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Fresh Air Cooling utilizes outside air, when outdoor conditions are favorable for cooling (when it is cooler and drier outside than inside).  Cooling with outside air is healthier and less expensive than air conditioning. The technology is known by many names:

  • EconomizerFresh Air Cooling
  • Economizer Cooling
  • Nighttime Ventilation
  • Free Cooling

Fresh air cooling takes advantage of nature’s daily temperature swings of up to 30°F and reduces the cost of cooling by 92% from air conditioning. Fresh air cooling is a well developed technology for commercial buildings.  Since 2009 it has been required in new commercial construction in 47 states.  The concept has been around for years, but historically has been cost prohibitive for smaller applications such as residential cooling. NCS has developed a low cost approach and design that makes fresh air cooling cost effective for smaller product applications. If you use air conditioning your Fresh Air Cooling needs to monitor temperature and humidity to assure compatibility.  Nature’s Cooling Solutions has developed this technology. The benefits to you of utilizing Fresh Air Cooling include:

  • Increased comfort: set to cooler temperature than your Air Conditioner.
  • Less expensive: costs 92% less to run than Air Conditioning.
  • Healthier: the Environmental Protection Agency recommends ventilation. Contrary to conventional wisdom, air in our homes’ is now 2 to 5 times more toxic than outside air, even in cities.

The premise is simple. Cooling with natural fresh air is healthier and less expensive than cooling with air conditioning. Mother Nature provides the cool, fresh air; Nature’s Cooling Solutions has developed the smart technology.

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