EcoBreeze 2 The Smartest Window Fan

Shipping September 2018!

Use nature’s free cool outside air to cool your home! The EcoBreeze 2 is a revolutionary window fan that you turn on at the beginning of the season to provide cool, healthy, filtered air all summer long.  The EcoBreeze 2 works seamlessly with air conditioning at a fraction of the price, and with 99% energy savings.

Product Description

Nature’s Cooling Solutions (NCS) was formed in 2008 and founded on a very simple premise: Cooling with outdoor air is healthier and dramatically less expensive than air conditioning. The EcoBreeze 2 is a revolutionary new window fan that will change the way you deal with the summer heat, lower your utility bills and is good for the environment. It is the very first residential cooling product that automates ventilation cooling and works seamlessly with air conditioning.

Cooling with nature

Ventilation cooling takes advantage of nature’s daily temperature swings and uses the cooler part of the day to cool your home with free air! Not only will EcoBreeze 2 provide cooling but it will also store cool energy that can be released during the following day further reducing the need for air conditioning. On hot days your air conditioner will take over automatically as the temperature heats up. On humid days EcoBreeze 2 will keep that humid air outdoors and let your air conditioner handle the cooling.

Incredible Filtration

EcoBreeze 2 delivers free, cool, filtered air directly into your home to flush out stale air. But not all filters are created equally. Our optional MERV-13 filter is so fine, so highly engineer that it even traps viruses and bacteria. Smog, smoke and dust will be eliminated from you living space, allowing you to relax in the freshest, coolest, healthiest air your home has ever known. Our standard MERV 8 filter does a great job at removing pollen, dust mites and mold spore providing clean fresh cooling.

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 EcoBreeze 2Eco Breeze
Cooling PowerHighMedium
Fan Height7"11"
Fan Width15.5"21.5
Double Hung WindowYesYes
Slider WindowYesNo
Filter - MERV 8 for Pollen & Dust StandardNo
Filter - Micro-Allergen MERV 13OptionalNo
Average Energy Watts 1761
Room Size400 sq ft250 sq ft
Low Speed Energy Watts 756
Air Directional LouversHorizonal & VerticleNone
Insulated Side PanelsYesNo
Automatic Cooling ModeYes/EnhancedYes
Humidity LimitYes, On/OffYes, On Only
Display DimmableNot Dimmable
Seal When Not RunningSpring Return ButterflyMotorized Louvers
Fan TypeMetal Centrifical FanPlastic Tangential Fan
Remove Screen to InstallYesNo
Made InUSAChina